Discover our Christmas Quintine barrique beers !

Bouteille barriquée de 4 mois de Kentucky Straight Bourbon Buffalo Trace - bouteille de 33cl - édition limitée

Christmas Quintine aged in Kentucky Straight Bourbon ``Buffalo Trace`` barrels for 4 months.

A round beer with a dark amber colour. Slightly woody with a nice warmth in the mouth, it offers aromatic notes of butter-caramel.

ALC. 10.4% VOL. 35 EBU – 51 EBC

Christmas Quintine aged for 5 months in Jamaican rum barrels

A mellow amber beer with a subtle woody taste. On the palate, it delivers sweet aromas of vanilla, oak, rum and caramel with a nice aftertaste.

ALC. 10% VOL. 35 EBU – 48 EBC.

Bouteille barriquée de Vintage Quintine de Noël Rhum de Jamaique - 5 mois - - 33 cl- bouteille édition limitée
Bouteille barriquée de Quintine de Noël barrquée 6 mois - dans des fûts de rhum agricoles de Martinique AOC arrangé (macération de noix de macadamia et gousses de vanillle bourbon de Madagascar).

Quintine de Noël aged for 6 months in barrels of AOC Martinique agricultural rum (maceration of macadamia nuts and Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods)

A slightly dry amber-red beer with a powerful and complex aroma. The warmth of the rum provides a long finish and an explosion of almond and frangipane aromas.

ALC. 10.4% VOL. 35 EBU – 48 EBC.