The Brasserie des Légendes: at the crossroads of history, family passion, modern techniques and human and ecological values

Five production sites, rooted in regional traditions and folklore


The Ath site includes the Castel site, where the brewhouse for the Goliath and Legends beer ranges is located, and the Cureur site where we do bottling, labelling and storage and where our offices are located. The Castel was acquired in 1997, then restored and converted into a brewery by the Delcoigne family.


The Quintine and Hercule beers are brewed at the Ellezelles site. Philippe Gérard founded the Brasserie Ellezelloise brewery here in 1993. The Brasserie des Géants (the current Ath site) bought it in 2006. The Cédric De Taeye chocolaterie has been located here since 2017. The site is also home to the “Au Chaudron des Légendes” pub.

The farm

The family farm, “Beauregard”, was taken over by Pierre Delcoigne in 2005 after his parents retired. A large part of the barley used in our beer production is grown here, as part of a short supply chain: “From Ground to Glass”.

The Chocolaterie

The Cédric De Taeye chocolaterie is located at the Ellezelles site, where the Quintine beer range is brewed. Created in partnership by Cédric De Taeye and Pierre Delcoigne, it works with great passion to produce chocolate from cocoa beans, as part of its “From the Bean to the Chocolate Bar” philosophy, which is very much in line with the Brasserie des Légendes’ philosophy, “From Ground to Glass”.

The Distillery

La The Biercée craft distillery was founded in 1946, making it one of the oldest distilleries in Belgium still in business. It is the only one in Wallonia that still distils eau-de-vie and liqueurs from unprocessed fruit, including the famous Eau de Villée. The Brasserie des Légendes acquired the Biercée distillery in 2019.