From the earth to your glass

It was Pierre and Vinciane Delcoigne’s dream, to set up the Brasserie des Légendes at the Castel d’Irchonwelz, which they bought and restored between 1997 and 2000. Their first beer (Gouyasse) was produced in 2000.

Then, thanks to their huge efforts and a great deal of passion, improvements to the infrastructure and production quality followed: the family farm was bought for barley production, and the Brasserie Ellezelloise (that makes the beers Quintine and Hercule), which was looking for a buyer, was also purchased. Other ambitious projects were set up: the creation of the “Au Chaudron des Légendes” pub in Ellezelles, the extension and modernisation of the brewery in several stages, including a new storehouse, the new chocolaterie in partnership with Cédric De Taeye, and finally in 2019, we rescued the Biercée distillery.

We are a passionate team of around twenty people, and we currently produce 1,800,000 litres of beer per year.

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At the Brasserie des Légendes, eco-responsibility is more than just empty words.

We genuinely implement our values, with a respect for nature as part of our day-to-day work.

This is demonstrated in real, tangible actions:

We produce our own barley on the Beauregard family farm to ensure a short supply chain.

We recover the heat produced during the two stages of beer production and use it to heat the warm storage rooms as well as our offices, thus reducing our energy consumption.

We have installed our own natural water treatment plant, and the water we treat there is reused in the brewery, for cleaning tanks, amongst other things.

We also have 250 solar panels to produce electricity and 54 m² of solar boiler panels, to naturally heat the water used for beer production.

Our production method

The beers we brew are 100% natural beers.

We use modern equipment (brewing and fermentation tanks, bottling line, etc.), but our brewing method remains traditional and uses just the 4 basic ingredients for beer: malt, water, hops and yeast, with no added colourings or other products.

We control the whole production chain, as locally as possible: from growing barley on the family farm all the way to bottling.


Our values

We carry our values through tangible actions every day throughout our chain of production.

Short supply chain: we ensure a short chain by producing our own barley on the family farm. Malting is done to order at the Malterie du Château 10 km away, we use Belgian hops, and so on. We also work with local craftspeople.

Eco-responsibility: we have our own water treatment plant; we reuse a large proportion of the heat energy produced in the beer production process, and we have installed solar panels (for electricity production) and a solar boiler (to heat the water needed for beer production).

Local fair trade: fair payment to barley and hop growers.

Respect for nature and our environment: our tanks are installed inside sound-proofed buildings to avoid causing a nuisance in the neighbouring area, either visually or with noise.

Every employee is valued: we do everything we can to ensure that the people who work with us are included in the team and find fulfilment in their work for us. Some of our employees also work under a protected employment scheme.

Our Légende beers

Our brewing expertise and complete mastery of the production process allow us to offer you 100% natural beers. We produce high fermentation beers. Secondary fermentation in the bottle or barrel makes them naturally sparkling.

The only beers in Belgium that are 100% local, from the earth to your glass…
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