The Brasserie des Légendes: at the crossroads of history, family passion, modern techniques and human and ecological values

A company rooted in local tradition and folklore

How the brewery began

The Brasserie des Géants was started up in 1997 by two engineers, Pierre and Vinciane Delcoigne, at the Castel d’Irchonwelz, which dates from the twelfth century. The first brew was put on sale in 2000.

The Brasserie Ellezelloise was founded by Philippe Gérard in 1993 and produces the Quintine and Hercule product range. The brewhouse here is capable of producing two to three brews of 1,500 litres per day.

Created in 2006 from the merger between the Brasserie des Géants and the Brasserie Ellezelloise, the Brasserie des Légendes was inspired by the rich folklore of our region: the Ducasse d’Ath parade with its procession of giant puppets and the Witches’ Sabbath festival in Ellezelles.

Then in 2019, the Brasserie des Légendes took over the activities of the Bercée distillery.

An ancient history and modern techniques

1161: The oldest reference to the Castel d’Irchonwelz (on the anchor bolt in the facade), an ancient military fortress built by the de Trazegnies family.

In the 20th century: The castle was used for agricultural purposes.

1971: Given “Protected Heritage” status by the French Community.

1997: The castle was purchased by Pierre and Vinciane Delcoigne in order to develop their plan for a craft brewery.

1998 to 2000: Restoration of the buildings and construction of the brewery. Launch of the first beer, Gouyasse. At that time the company was called the Brasserie des Géants, a reference to the Ducasse d’Ath procession and local folklore.

2005: The Beauregard family farm was acquired to grow barley. Such control over the entire production chain is unique in Belgium: our beer comes directly from the earth to your glass.

2006: Following the merger with the Brasserie Ellezelloise, the Brasserie des Légendes was born. Its name is a tribute to the folklore of the region: the Ducasse d’Ath procession (recognised by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage) and the Witches’ Sabbath festival in Ellezelles.

2011: Opening of the “Au Chaudron des Légendes” pub in a building adjoining the Ellezelles site. Here you can enjoy regional food accompanied by our beers, in an authentic and friendly atmosphere, enlivened by a touch of modernity and plenty of passion.

2016: Construction of a new building for bottling, labelling and storage. The beers brewed at the Castel d’Irchonwelz are transferred here through a beer pipeline, and the beers from Ellezelles are transported in a tanker truck emblazoned with the image of the brewery.

2017: Opening of a chocolaterie as a partnership between Cédric De Taeye and Pierre Delcoigne. This chocolaterie has found a home in the former warm rooms of the Ellezelles brewery, and produces its own chocolate directly from cocoa beans, with the same philosophy as the brewery growing its own barley.

2018: Construction of a new brewhouse in the castle. The brewers use modern equipment in their daily tasks, in a spirit of alliance between traditional work and efficient production.

2019: Storehouse opened at the Ellezelles site: Quintine de Noël and Nature are stored here in around thirty wine, cognac and rum barrels, becoming impregnated with their subtle flavours.

2019: Acquisition of the Biercée distillery and reopening of “La Grange des Belges”, the bar and restaurant attached to the distillery.