Brasserie des Légendes

In December 2006, Brasserie des Géants acquired Brasserie Ellezelloise combining the strengths of the two breweries to further develop their products both for the Belgian market and for export. Brasserie des Légendes was born…

The word « Legends » comes from the rich folklore of our region: the Duccase (festival) of Ath with its cortège of giants and the Sabbath of the Witches of Ellezelles.

In the context of sustainable development of our regions, the two production sites have been maintained. Significant investments have been made at both sites:

  • At the Ath site: installation of 250 solar panels means we now produce the equivalent of 60% the energy we consume.

  • At the Ellezelles site: Heat generated from the brewing process is captured and re-used. This together with our own solar energy production (54m²) has allowed us to decrease our fossil fuel consumption by 40%.

In 2014, 15 people worked with producing and commercialising our quality beers.

We are constantly evolving our production and have now reached a total capacity of 9600 hl over the 2 production sites.


See our appearance on the Notélé show "Label Eco" devoted to design in business.

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