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CORNE Triple

Golden – powerful and refreshing – 10% ALC.

Corne Triple is a powerful tasting beer combining the flavors of malt with the refreshing, fruity notes of American hops. Copper blond in color, it is highly aromatic and easy to drink.

Corne beers are served in a horn glass held on a wooden stand.

Dessin bouteille 75 cl

Its characteristics

Very fragrant, impressive and easy to drink.

Alcohol: 10%
Serving temperature: between 8 and 12°C
Colour: blonde
Flavour: a field of flowers
Ingredients : Water, barley malt, hops, yeast.
Ingredienti : Acqua, malto d’orzo, lievito, luppolo.
Ingredientes : Agua, malta de cebada, levadura, lupulo.
Zutaten : Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen, Hefe.

Its history

Our Cornelius is a mischievous characther who never ceases to surprise you….

According to legend, Cornelius was a monk-brewer who was condemned to eternal damnation for creating a beer too close to perfection, thus fanning the flames of gluttony. No one can resist his divine creation!

To ward off fate, he plays tricks with every tasting! Will he manage to surprise you…?

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