March 2016: Spring is finally here and it's time to think about the plantations!

The patch of land that we have chosen to build our brewery was originally a wooded area that has been abandoned since a few years. It were mostly poplars growing in this area without any maintenance. Moreover, some parts had become a waste dumping area.

In order to build, we needed to deforest 5000m². But to make sure that the natural balance of the reserve of the river Dender is maintained, we have bought a pasture of 7000m², situated at only 200 metres from the new building, along the riverside.

What future do we have in mind for this area? We want to change it into a wooded shelter for the local fauna and flora.

With the arriving of the good weather, we (or better, our friends from NATUR ART, have planted at least 800 young trees. We have chosen a local selection of trees : ash tree, alder, walnut, oak, chestnut, willow, hazelnut, plane tree, etc.

Surrounding the new building we want to maintain the rest of the wooded area and we would like to install a pond. We are also going to reforest a part of the building site.

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