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We brew beers that are 100% natural in character. We control the entire chain of production in a way that’s unique in Belgium: barley cultivation happens at the Beauregard farm. Barley is the main ingredient in beer, and our criteria for selection of all raw materials are quality and sustainability.

We are privileged to work directly with the producers of Belgian hops. We work in a traditional way while at the same time investing in more effective production.

People have a central role in our business. Everybody finds their right place based on their special capabilities so that they can flourish. Additionally, several people with disabilities are integrated members of the brewery team.

We outsource the manufacturing of our Quintine wooden bottle racks and our gift boxes to local companies employing people in adaptive work (employees with disabilities and being reintegrated into the workforce, for example ex-prisoners).

So, by drinking our beers, you are actively participating in developing a local company providing quality local jobs, you are supporting local agriculture and you are enabling the development of people re-integrating into society through a suitable job for them.